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    Continuous Stick Inserter

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    The “Continuous Stick Inserter” is specifically designed for working together with a continue filler. The function of this machine is to make formed products on a stick. The form can be easily changed to different kind of diameters and shapes. Also the length and form of sticks can be easily changed on the machine.

    Working principle:
    The product which is coming out of the continue filler go through a divider. This divider divide the product in 6 strokes. When the product is on the required weight, 6 sticks will be pushed in. These sticks can be round, flat or another customer specific shape. When the sticks are pushed into the product the filler starts again with filling the divider with the required weight. When the required weight is reached the first products with stick will be cut from the second products. These products come on the outfeed conveyor of the machine. Again 6 new sticks will be pushed into the second formed product etc.

    The speed of the “Continuous Stick Inserter” depends on the type of filler and the weight of the required product. But one thing is for sure the “Continuous Stick Inserter” is much faster than producing with hand.

    In the development of the” Continuous Stick Inserter” a lot of attention paid to clean and change over time of the machine. The machine is completely made up of Stainless Steel and plastic. The control of the machine is in a Stainless steel box. The change over time to another product is less than 5 minutes work also the switch over time to another kind of stick is in a few minutes done. Further is it also possible to produce only formed product so without sticks with one switch on a knob.

    So a machine with very different kind of setups. 

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