Continuous Stick Inserter

The Continuous Stick Inserter is an automatic skewer machine that is directly connected to a vacuum filler. The CSI shapes the product and then automatically provides it with a stick. In this way, products such as kofte and kebab can be produced automatically in a quick and simple way.

The skewer machine uses a flow divider to accurately divide the product flow from the filler into 6 or 8 product flows. The number of product flows depends on the machine version, which can be produced in a 400 version and a 600 version.

Furthermore, the skewer machine can be designed for round sticks or for flat and gun-shaped sticks. With the round stick version, the stick magazine can be refilled during production. A system with interchangeable cassettes has been developed for the flat and gun-shaped versions.

The final capacity is determined by the type of filler, the product weight and the type of stick. For an average product with a round stick, the 400 version can already achieve a capacity of 8,000 products per hour.

Key specifications

  • Up to 11.000 products per hour
  • Suitable for stick length from 70 to 200 mm
  • Compatible with most fillers



  • Both forming as skewering sticks
  • High capacity
  • Different shapes
  • Different products
  • Short changeover time
  • Different stick lengths possible
  • Easy to clean

CSI 400CSI 600
Voltage380 V380 V
Electrical power0,3 kW0,3 kW
Air connection6 bar6 bar
Belt width400 mm600 mm
Weigth350 kg425 kg
Maximum capacity*8.250 products/h11.000 products/h