Continuous Stick Inserter

The Continuous Stick Inserter is an automatic skewer machine specifically designed to work together with a continue filler. The machine forms the product and then immediately provides it with a stick.
This stick can be a round, flat, or gun-shaped stick. The shape of the product can be easily changed by applying a different shaping part.

After the continuous filler, the product passes through a flow divider. This part divides the product into six or eight equal output pipes. Once the product reaches the desired weight, a stick will be inserted into all 6 or 8 output pipes. Once the sticks are fully inserted, the continuous filler will start the cycle again and provide the set weight. Once reached, the product with stick will be cut off and further transported on the conveyor belt.

The capacity is determined by the type of filler, weight of the formed product, and the stick length. But one thing is certain, this machine is much faster than manual skewering.

Key specifications

  • Up to 200 products per minute
  • Suitable for stick length from 70 to 200 mm
  • Compatible with most fillers



  • Both forming as skewering sticks
  • High capacity
  • Different shapes
  • Different products
  • Short changeover time
  • Different stick lengths possible
  • Easy to clean

Product specifications
Voltage220 V
Electrical power0,18kW
Air connection6 bar
Belt width400 of 600 mm
Weigth350 kg