About us

After 20 years of work experience as an mechanic at international companies around the globe, Peter Verbruggen decided in 1990 to put all his knowledge and expertise in his own company.

With the arrival of P. Verbruggen Machinehandel & Revisie B.V. , the Netherlands welcomes a new company which is specialized in overhauling, designing and creating the best solution for machines in the Meat processing and Food Industry.

The location is easy to reach in the Industrial area of Boekel, de Vlonder. P. Verbruggen realized a perfect working location for all the high quality maintenance and care all the machines need. All the overhauled machines can be adapted if possible, and tested.

Together with qualified and specialized companies in the surroundings, P. Verbruggen created a team who work together.

We invite the client, and together we discuss the machine. A mechanic engineer will make notes and plans for overhauling the machine. And after the approval, P. Verbruggen will overhaul, design, adapt and create the machine to be part in the production process.