Automatic Stick Inserter

The Automatic Stick Inserter is a standalone automatic skewer machine for skewering pieces of meat, fish, tofu, vegetables or fruit on a stick.

The forming roll of the skewer machine is filled manually and then the machine automatically provides the product with a stick. Because these forming rollers can be exchanged quickly and easily, the machine is very easy to adapt to the desired product.

The machine is loaded with sticks through interchangeable magazines. By using different magazines, you can easily switch to a different stick length or a different type of stick.

When developing the Automatic Stick Inserter, a lot of attention was paid to the simplicity of the machine by using as few sensors and drives as possible. This makes the machine reliable, safe and intuitive to use.

Key specifications

  • Up to 20 products per minute
  • Suitable for stick length from 70 to 200 mm



  • Craftsman-like appearance product
  • Various shapes & products possible
  • Different stick lengths possible
  • Different types of sticks possible
  • High capacity (approximately 3 times higher than manual skewering)
  • Short changeover time between different products
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple operation

Product specifications
Voltage220 V
Electrical power0,18kW
Air connection6 bar