Traditional Saté Unit

The Traditional Saté Unit is specifically designed as a standalone unit for skewering pieces of meat, fish, tofu, vegetables, or fruit onto a stick. With the ability to quickly switch between shaping plates and stick lengths, the machine can be easily adjusted for the desired product.

The products are further transported using a conveyor belt. This versatile machine can be configured for both round sticks or gun-shaped sticks.

Furthermore, great attention has been paid to the hygienic design of the Traditional Saté Unit during its development. The upper frame of the machine can be opened for better accessibility during cleaning. The machine is entirely constructed with stainless steel and plastic.

Key specifications

  • Up to 3800 products per hour
  • Suitable for stick length from 70 to 200 mm



  • Artisan-looking product
  • Various shapes and products possible
  • Different stick lengths possible
  • Different types of sticks possible
  • High capacity
  • Short changeover time between different products
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple operation

Product specifications
Voltage220 V
Electrical power0,18kW
Air connection6 bar
Width discharge belt400 mm