At P.Verbruggen we specialize in developing and building machines for the food processing industry. With our machines and the possibility of customization, we can bring the productivity and quality of your products to a higher level.Please contact us if you have a question or want to know more about our machines.
Continuous stick inserter

Continuous Stick Inserter

The Continuous Stick Inserter is an automatic skewer machine specifically designed to work together with a continue filler. The machine forms the product and then immediately provides it with a stick. The form can be easily changed to different kind of diameters and shapes. Also the length and form of sticks can be easily changed on the machine.


Stick inserter

Stick Inserter

The Stick Inserter is an automatic skewer machine specifically designed for pushing wooden sticks into a formed product. With this machine you can make quickly, easily and good quality satay. The stick inserter must be used in combination with a forming machine from GEA.


Automatic stick inserter

Automatic Stick Inserter

The “Automatic Stick Inserter” is specially designed for skewering pieces of meat, fish, vegetables etc. on a stick. The sticks which can be applied on this machine are round sticks or flat sticks, for example, the “gunshaped” sticks. To do this, only the cassette in which the sticks are filled need to be different.


Ambachtelijke saté unit

Traditional Satay Unit

The “Traditional Satay Unit” is specifically designed for pushing satay sticks into fresh meat. The “Traditional Satay Unit” is a standalone unit. This means that there is no other machinery needed to make Satay. There are a variety of finished products, such as satay and cocktail Satay.




We supply many types of conveyor belts for the food and packaging industry. View the page for the possibilities.

Forming plate


The Formplates by P. Verbruggen are designed for shaping meat, fish, chicken, and vegetables. These shapes can be made in any desired form. Ejectors come in different variations, such as standard ejector, air ejector, and water/air ejector.