Stick Inserter

The stick Inserter is an automatic skewer machine and specially developed for the automatic production of satay in combination with a forming machine.

The products are formed by the forming machine and then automatically provided with a skewer by the Stick Inserter. The good integration with the forming machine ensures that high-quality satay can be produced quickly and easily.

The machine is suitable for making satay from meat, chicken, seafood, vegetables and vegetarian products.

This skewer machine is compatible with the GEA Multiformer and the GEA Freshformer and can be supplied in a 400 version and a 600 version. The connection with the forming machine is made by a simple mechanical coupling and one signal cable.

The capacity is ultimately determined by the number of products in the mold plate and the stick length.
Depending on the type of product, a speed of 30 strokes per minute can be achieved. For an average product an output of up to 18,000 products per hour can be achieved.

Furthermore, the machine has a variably adjustable discharge conveyor, products can be discharged continuously or with a fixed spacing in-between.

Key specifications

  • Automatic forming and skewering
  • Up to 30 strokes per minute, depending on the product
  • Suitable for sticks up to 200mm



  • Very high capacity
  • Different shapes & products possible
  • Fast product changes
  • Different stick lengths possible
  • Easy to clean

Cassette system
When the automatic skewer machine is deployed for small products such as cocktail satay, it can be equipped with a cassette system. The stick magazines in the machine are then interchangeable, by using multiple magazines the extra magazines can be filled next to the machine. This significantly reduces downtime when refilling the machine with sticks.

Spreader belt
Different products can be spread apart using a spreading belt. By transporting the product flows alternately at a different speed, more space is created between the products. This, for example, prevents products from baking against each other in the oven.

Product specificationsSTI 400STI 600
Voltage380 V380 V
Electrical power0,18kW0,18kW
Air connection6 bar6 bar
Belt width400 mm600 mm
Weigth200 kg250 kg
Maximum capacity30 strokes/min30 strokes/min