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    Automatic Stick Inserter (EN)

    The “Automatic Stick Inserter” is specially designed for skewering pieces of meat, fish, vegetables etc. on a stick. The sticks which can be applied on this machine are round sticks or flat sticks, for example, the “gunshaped” sticks. To do this, only the cassette in which the sticks are filled need to be different. The complete control of the machine is built in a complete stainless steel waterproof cabinet. Only on the outside of this cabinet is a reset and a start / stop button. To ensure that during producing no one come between dangerous parts with his hands or fingers the machine is completely covered. The cover at the infeed side is provided with a safety magnet. This will immediately be stop the machine when needed.

    Furthermore, the product role is easy to customize or to change if another product will be skewered. This product role is made up of all loose discs that are easy to (dis)assemble. The machine works on mains voltage and air pressure.

    To place the sticks in the cassette, the cassette needs to be get out of the machine. This is secured with a fixing pin. Filling the sticks is very simple. But to be able to produce it is wise to order two or more cassettes. So one cassette can be filled with new sticks will the other is working in the machine. The speed of the machine is about 4 times faster than by hand. Of course, this depends on the type of product and number of products that will be skewered.