Via the overview below you can quickly and easily see which machines are suitable for which application. Please contact us if you have a question or would like to know more about the applications or our machines.


Beef, poultry & pork

For producing fresh satay to convenience food. View the options for semi or fully automatic production of, for example, beef kofta, chicken skewers or formed cocktail satay.

Suitable machines:



View here the machines that are suitable for processing various seafood products such as salmon fillet on a stick or machine shaped whitefish.

Suitable machines:


Vegetarian & vegan products

Together with the global interest, the range of plant based meat alternatives is also growing. Whether it concerns Vega satay, vegetarian burgers or falafel skewers , there are many options.

Suitable machines:


Fruit, vegetables & potatoes

View the machines here that are suitable for processing various types of fruit, vegetables and potatoes, such as vegetable skewers for the BBQ or watermelon on a stick.

Suitable machines: