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    Machines which are made especially for your company can bring the productivity and quality of the products to a higher level.

    With the design of custom-made machines, we satisfied many customers. For example:

    Traditional Satay unit.
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    Cherrytomato puncher
    For one of our customers we designed the tomato punch. This tomato punch divided the tomato in 3 equal parts. Because of the high quality of this machine 50% of the time was saved and the working process was raised 40x.

    Stokken Steker (Stick Shooter)
    P. Verbruggen designed the Saté Unit. This unit shoots sticks into the meat to create saté. Another customer asked us to design a machine which shoots sticks into a plant pot, but without damaging the leaves. With our knowledge about this technical development, we have designed a machine which shoots the sticks into the pot, without damaging the leaves.

    Sate Unit
    The Saté unit is a automatic machine which shoots sticks into meat, to create saté. This machine can only be used in combination with the Forming machine.

    Prik (Shoot) Unit
    The Prik unit shoots one or more pieces of meat on a stick. This creates a unique handmade saté look.

    Forming plates
    We designed several kinds of form plats for the Meat processing industry, likewise: Rabit’s, Soccer, Circular and Triangle shapes.

    Transfer conveyor
    The transfer conveyor which are designed by P. Verbruggen are used in the: Meat, Egg, Champignon, Flower and Soy industry.

    Mushroom select machine
    The mushroom select machine is an automatic machine which works with transfer conveyers who select the mushrooms, without damaging.

    Mushroom foot cut machine
    This machine is designed to cut automatically the foot of the mushroom, without damaging the mushroom.

    Bakplaat lift
    This machine lifts the hot bakery plates from the vehicle, distribute the loaf on the conveyor, and puts the plates back in the vehicle.

    Distribution conveyor
    This conveyor distributes the loaf, or puts the loaf together.

    Eggshell capture conveyer
    This conveyer is situated under the egg peeling machine. This conveyer catch the eggshell, and divides the shell and the water.

    Oliebollen-bak bak
    This deep fryer is dived in different components, what creates an continuity of frying.